Since we’re located within a small community, our organization is powered by your donations.

We’re working hard to reach out to new voters and communities so we can turn North Carolina blue in 2024. We keep our work local because we believe that’s how we can bring about positive change in our state. Donate to the Dems of Davidson and help us achieve our goals!

This election, we’re working on every single race, from the President to state judicial contests to the Commissioner of Labor, and we won’t stop after election day. We’ll still be here working to better North Carolina. Please donate to the Dems of Davidson today.

Donations help us:

Facilitate events, meetings, and activities to support local Democratic candidates and spread awareness about the most pressing issues facing us North Carolinians.

  • Be one of the most active precincts in the entire state of North Carolina.
  • Create informational material to distribute across all of Davidson.
  • Fairly compensate trained, professional staff who organize in surrounding communities.
  • Purchase critical data management tools to fine-tune our organizing efforts (not only in elections, but every day!).

If you are unable to donate but still want to help, consider volunteering with our devoted community members!

Thank you for helping us turn NC blue! It is impossible without you.